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Late August in Bhutan: rivers are swollen with monsoon rains, valleys that were just-harvested or newly-planted dusty brown on my earlier trips are bright green with almost ready rice crops, and March’s blossoming apple and peach trees are summer-heavy with fruit. I’ve been to Thimphu and caught up with Karma, Namgay and Sonam, and to Punakha where I was very fortunate to be received again by the lama at Talo monastery and to have my guide/friend Tshe Tshe there to patiently interpret our Dzongkha-English conversation. Tomorrow Tshe Tshe and I will go to the Haa valley for a few days where we’ll stay at the farmhouse of one of his relatives and hike. It is an incredible blessing to be among the Bhutanese people and to be experiencing the energy of this special place once again.


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